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NFT artists

Have you got a great idea in mind and want to monetize your art piece? We have the expertise to create positioning and advertising directly from such projects. Let’s get it hyped!


The NFT world is not limited to the art piece. Because there are so many fundraising projects, you have to find a way to make them stand out from the crowd — and we can provide the perfect marketing strategy.

Tech companies

Is your company offering solutions for B2C or B2B clients? We’ve got it covered! Thanks to our massive experience in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Analysis, we use the best targeting options to ensure your message gets delivered to the right people.

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Let’s talk about the details!

Is marketing a core of any Blockchain project?

With so many misunderstandings around crypto and the blockchain, the everyday marketing playbook won’t suffice in this industry. You need to base your cryptocurrency marketing strategy on a wealth of meticulous data, useful industry insights, and enterprising human creativity to drive desired results. This requires a dedicated team that’s always up to date with the latest industry news and trends and can use that invaluable intelligence to your advantage.

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You may be sitting with an amazing idea… but have a bunch of questions.

How Do I Get Started?

We start with monitoring the market and defining the goals to make the first step. This is important regardless of whether you are at the very beginning or already have your set-up.

What Should The Value Of My Product Or Service Be?

The Crypto market is famous for its volatility: customers decide the price by using the old, basic rule of demand and supply. However, there is a way to influence your pricing… By utilizing marketing!

How Should I Promote My Brand?

After we help you to define your goal and customers, the most creative part of testing and data analysis takes place: we monitor, report and enhance. We use an advanced method of retargeting and budget scaling that has never been done in this niche before.

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